Friday, February 10, 2012

Call for art submissions: Public art at bus stops

Soon you will be able to watch TV in the city bus stations and see the work of local artists.

Central Avenue BID and CDTA are partnering on a large-scale public art project that will install secure flat-screen TVs in local bus shelters. The TVs will exclusively feature programming from Albany and Schenectady artists and artists' organizations, many headquartered right in the Central Avenue district.

TVs will get loaded into 5-10 high-traffic shelters this spring. Content will be run from a local server, and community members and arts organizations will have stills, videos, and demonstrations running almost around the clock. This can be stills of visual arts, music performances, dance performances, cooking demonstrations, fashion, flowers, writing, anything that involves artistry or design.

The Central BID is looking for participation from local community. If you have a still of your artwork, footage of a performance, please contact the BID offices at (518) 462-4300 to get more information about submissions.